Improving The Racial Climate On Campus

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“On November 2nd, a coalition of students called Next Yale marched on University President Peter Salovey’s house to submit a list of measures the administration should take to improve the racial climate on campus, including an ethnic studies distributional requirement for all Yale undergraduates” (Victor, 2015). A majority of the students at Yale University voted in favor of making ethnic studies a requirement for undergraduates. In Arizona, around July, legislators decided to prohibit students from taking a Mexican-American ethnic studies class because they believed the class would promote ethnic solidarity instead of promoting the treatment of the people as individuals.
In today’s society, most people view bilingual education, a form of schooling in which content and instructions is presented to students in two or more languages, mostly English and Spanish in New York City as more influential and as a need for Latino students’ education. Ethnic Studies education includes courses and/or programs that are focus on the knowledge and perceptions of an ethnic or racial group. These courses tend to have a curriculum that is mainly for students who come from certain ethnic groups, but not limited to those students. There is controversy because some believe that Ethnic Studies has no influence on personal educational achievement. Therefore, the course becomes more of a choice for Latino students’ education. Most people would argue that an ethnic studies course is not necessarily

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