Improving The Right Patient Care

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Introduction Ensuring the right patient care to the correct patient is an essential, every day part of nursing care (Dhatt, Damir, Matarelli, Sankaranarayanan, & James, 2011). Failure to follow out correct procedure-patient matching may lead to incorrect interventions or treatments being performed on the wrong person (Zipperer, 2014). Unfortunately, this can sometime result in negative effects on patient outcomes, or even sentinel events (Zipperer, 2014). According to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) in 2008-09 there were eleven events in Australia with procedures involving the wrong patient or body part resulting in a death or major permanent loss of function (2012). In Australia, healthcare is governed by ten standards. Patient Identification and Procedure Matching is Standard Five under the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, governed by the ACSQHC. As such it is critical, that performance and compliance against the standards is measured on a regular basis. In the ward environment, I am the representative for standard five. Part of my responsibilities, apart from being a clinical resource to fellow caregivers, is to undertake audits and implement quality improvement initiatives within the ward setting to ensure safer patient care. An audit completed recently will be reflected upon using Driscoll’s What? So What? Now What? Reflective framework (Bulman & Schutz, 2013). Throughout which, analysis will be
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