Improving The Safety And Independence Of The Judiciary

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In Pakistan, the system of selecting judges is on a merit based assessment by a Commission consisting of various members from different branches which allows judges to act in an impartial manner. I believe that when judges know that they do not owe anything to a specific political party or to any campaign supporters they are likely to act in a more impartial way, thus strengthening the independence of the judiciary. Thus, in my opinion I find that the best way to ensure the safety and independence of the judiciary is for a state to adopt a selection method which involves a detailed assessment of a candidate’s qualifications by a body of people (Commission) consisting of members of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches along with qualified legal professionals of the community, who may then forward their recommended candidates to the selecting authority. Such a system is incorporated in the constitution of Pakistan, as described earlier. In contrast, states that incorporate a process of merit-based selection by way of nominating a commission do not completely adhere to this process. Rather, they require the judges to go through retention elections in order for them to retain their seats. To me a process does not seem to adhere to a merit-based selection if once a judge is selected he has to go through an election to remain for a further tenure. The example of judges selected on merit in Indiana fits into this context. Similarly, in an article published in the

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