Improving The Situation At The Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

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In this portion of my case analysis, I will be showing ways for suggested solutions in order to help improve the situation at the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant. I will be showing ways in which organizational improvement outcomes can directly help remedy some of the issues and recommend strategic actions that would lead the organization in a proactive production workforce. The recommendations are creating committees, rework how the Scanlon Plan bonus works, create or use their marketing and sales department to the full capacity, and to help empower the workforce work to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility. (CSR)
With the problems piling up at the Engstrom plant causing it to go downhill, there are solutions to the problems. As work …show more content…

In everyone’s lifetime career they may end up in some company with politics and bickering. A meet and greet give them time to interact with one another to get to know each other backgrounds so that when they do come into work, they won 't be a stranger to one another. This way they know each other 's names and the can communicate and work in a harmonious way on the line and on time for delivery. This will also elicit active employee inputs for improvement with their suggestions on how they can make the plant work better. By increasing communication at all levels in the organization the worker’s participation becomes effective in increasing productivity and quality of products.
Engstrom should provide a space in which workforce can communicate by having managers listen to them and asking them questions. People generally know the right answers if they have the opportunity to produce them. For Engstrom creating teams and committees with members from each production department to management is important. A committee can help improve the line workers morale with ideas such as improvement for production, and meeting delivery deadlines. A committee of managers from each department within the plant who will work with plant line workers to make suggestions and improvements for employee morale and improvement. The teams formed should be from all functions and staffed with members whose talents match team tasks. Committees are

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