Improving The Strategic Goals Of An Organization

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Projects are ultimately designed and implemented to make progress towards achieving the strategic goals of an organization. It is important to recognize the fact that many efforts are needed in planning a project, and putting the plan into action may require equal or even more efforts in order to achieve the desired goals. Even the best plans often need corrections and adjustments particularly in the implementation phase, therefore project leaders or managers need to anticipate possible challenges and be proactive in taking corrective actions. A good implementation plan allows time and a process for team members to think through the critical components of the project and predicts challenges (Roper, Hall, & White, 2011). This practice can…show more content…
If wastes contribute to organizational inefficiency, then healthcare organizations are not excluded. In an attempt to explore the sources, implications and solutions needed to tackle the waste and excess cost in the healthcare system, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) apply Lean to inefficiencies in physician offices and hospitals and concluded the waste and inefficiency is substantial (Young, & Olsen, 2011). According to Woodward-Hagg, Taylor, Workman-Germann, Bidassie, Bar-On, Johnson, and Munshi (2014), Lean is a consumer-centric methodology which focuses on constant identification of improvement opportunities by getting rid of wasteful activities and create value. This value is what the consumer or customer normally willing to pay for. In Lean practice, a customer is any person or entity that benefits from the program. For instance, in a healthcare organization patients and physicians may benefit from improving the wait time of serious radiology tests. Stakeholders Stakeholders can be considered as the foundation, strategic assets and drivers of a project 's success or failure. Stakeholders ' influential characteristics, understanding, and their effective utilization and management are critical to project success (Mahmoud, Govindan, & Wan, 2015) Usually, key stakeholders for any project are within the organization and whose actions and ideas or decisions would have a
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