Improving The Traffic Efficiency And Road Side Safety

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Vehicular Ad-hoc networks are used in order to improve the Traffic Efficiency and road side safety. Security Requirements of the VANETS: Confidentiality: The conversion between the sender and the receiver should be very confidential that means the messages need not to be shared by other users. Authentication: The messages that are sent from the sender to receiver are secured by authenticating the messages so that they are understood by the authenticated people. Availability: They must be able to provide access to the users at any conditions. Privacy: The new techniques must be used to keep the information securely Challenges of the VANETS: The Challenges of the VANETS are as follows they are Quality Of Service(QOS): Providing the…show more content…
Among them Encryption is one where the total transaction is converted in to unreadable code so that they are secure. The major use of the VANETS is to keep the information very confidential without disclosing it to the other users and make liable as the other party will trust us and make the deal. Information Exchange is the major necessary thing for the VANETS. To provide security the VANETS make use of the third party certificates but even these cannot provide the security and authentication as accessing the certificates is even a big task. User Privacy can be provided by the Pseudonyms which mean a group of private keys which will always update the identifiers frequently. This will provide the security and reduce the malicious attacks. In this each node in the VANETS has the pair of Pseudonyms where it has one GID,PID and a static Global Id by using this security can be provided as they keep on changing from network to network. In this every node exchanges their GID and PID while communicating with the other nodes and makes use of the cryptography where pseudonym accompanied by CA which combines GID and PID where a node changes it signature, certificate in order to protect its identity and also long time tracking can be avoided by this process. As pseudonyms in VANETs achieve users privacy which is major concern and also credential. 3) In pseudonyms authentication procedure,
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