Improving The Traffic Efficiency And Road Side Safety

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Vehicular Ad-hoc networks are used in order to improve the Traffic Efficiency and road side safety.
Security Requirements of the VANETS:
Confidentiality: The conversion between the sender and the receiver should be very confidential that means the messages need not to be shared by other users.
Authentication: The messages that are sent from the sender to receiver are secured by authenticating the messages so that they are understood by the authenticated people.
Availability: They must be able to provide access to the users at any conditions.
Privacy: The new techniques must be used to keep the information securely Challenges of the VANETS: The Challenges of the VANETS are as follows they are
Quality Of Service(QOS): Providing the services to the users in the networks is a big challenge for the VANETS like in a network delay for the data delivery and retransmission of data is a challenge for them that they to overcome.
Efficient Routing Algorithm Design: In order to send the packets properly from sender to the receiver we need to have secure and efficient routing algorithm. Routing algorithm is nothing but the system with minimum delay and secure routing algorithm. It is one of the active area of the research.
Scalability and Robustness: Designing a scalable and robust network is a challenge for the VANETS. It is a research that has been going on to provide scalable and Robust network.
Co-operative Communication: One of the key challenge for the VANETS is the providing the…
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