Improving Transportation for Students at UTSA

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In college, attendance is crucial to students’ success. Being late to class can result in having less time to take a test or missing fundamental concepts that may be discussed in a classroom. Students must take responsibility by arriving on time; however, limited parking spaces and other transportation problems at many universities can cause students to be late which can result in poor academic performance. The University of Texas at San Antonio, one of most populous cities in Texas, has 29,000 enrolled students (UTSA . . .). During peak hours, one must be timely to find a parking space; many students find themselves driving in circles while hoping to find someone else leaving the campus and others wait for a shuttle bus that has a…show more content…
Critics might say having more buses causes traffic problems. That may be true to a certain excitant; however, the buses are providing transportation for students who otherwise would have driven their cars and may have caused more traffic. For that reason, more shuttle buses might even help decrease traffic in the area. Another method for improving transportation at UTSA is to offer a ridesharing service such as carpool matching. This method has been successful at Stanford University by giving numerous benefits to the driver and the passengers. The idea is to match drivers and passengers with similar schedules and location. According to Stanford University’s transportation services, students can register with “Stanford Ridematching Service to find potential Stanford carpool partners” (Carpools). Once the carpool group has been established, the cost of the parking permit is split evenly between the members. As a way to encourage members to not leave the group, “at the end of each quarter, each member will receive a Carpool Credit payment” (Carpools). As a result, if the members stay in the group for the whole duration then the parking permit is essentially free. Furthermore, members of this program receive “reserved carpool-only parking

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