Improving Universal Health

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When you think of the word health what comes to mind? Typically, we all think about getting exercise and nutrition. Which is important but there are other parts to our health we need to exercise as well. Including being physically healthy you need to work on being mentally and socially health as well. This will improve your life in general. Physical means getting a good workout, mental is dealing with your mind and feelings. The last category is social this focuses on who you interact with. Evaluating yourself on each of the different aspects is important if you want to improve your universal health. This may help you realize your own strengths and weaknesses that you can improve or stay consistent on. Physical health is getting the exercise you need. This includes any sport soccer,football,basketball or swimming. Personally, I like horseback riding even though most people think the horse is doing all the work. Other things like walking around school to classes, going upstairs or even getting out of bed is already helping your health. I am definitely not one for getting my weekend exercise. Although, on weekdays I include it by…show more content…
This includes friends, family, neighbors and teachers. Hanging out with friends, helping neighbors or even spending a great time with your family are some simple ways to start improving. I go to school and talk with specific people and get along with mostly everyone. I spend time with my family in the evening and play games with my sisters. The one thing I could work on is talking to a more variety of people. In the past I usually stick with one group of people. Also it is good to get out of your comfort zone. One good thing to be cautious about is try not to argue to much over stupid things with anyone. If you're arguing with someone back and forth continuously it just makes them more upset. Sometimes you just have to agree with them. This way you can avoid unwanted
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