Improving Usability Of A Website

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Introduction 3
1 Colour Scheme 4
1.1 Background Contrast 4
1.2 Consistent Theme 4
1.3 Suitable Font Use 4
2 Navigation 5
2.1 Clear and Consistent Links 5
2.2 Related Pages 5
2.3 Appropriate Structure 5
3 E-Commerce 6
3.1 Clear Error Indication At Checkout 6
3.2 Ensure Load Time Is Fast 6
Conclusion 8
References 9
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This report will explain and describe what can be done to improve usability of a website and explore several factors that significantly make a difference to the success. This report will cover how a high-quality colour scheme, including background contrast, a consistent theme and suitable font use will
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According to Bonnardel, Piolat and Bigot (2011), the effect the colours of a website impacted the length of a user’s stay on the site significantly. In regards to this, when colours are aesthetic, it increases the ease of use and therefore user presence on the website. Alternatively, if the background and font colours clash, for example, bright neon yellow on a white background, the user’s time on the site will not be long and consequently the website will be unsuccessful.
Moreover, a colour theme can also improve usability of a website as it helps create emphasis to an area of the webpage and add depth, also when used correctly it will help organize information into sections and format the page to a level of high professionalism. Martin, K. (2004, p.38), refers to this when describing how using colour blocks significantly shows different areas of the page and provides a strong structure. A theme is an essential part of web usability and will greatly improve a webpage if present; users will be able to navigate far more quickly and efficiently if there is a reoccurring theme in comparison to a messy and unorganised site which will more than likely encourage the user to leave than stay. Factors such as consistent menu and link position and relevant appropriate colours all contribute to usability and trustworthiness of a website.
In addition, font use on a
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