Improving Ux And Measuring Performance With Emerging Conversion Rates

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Top 10 ways to increase usability of your mobile application
Usability of mobile application brings forth when assessing apps to identify how to improve UX and measuring performance with emerging conversion rates. Usability hygiene impacts the complete customer experience at every level and stage, removing all roadblocks and hazards to use an app and to provide an online and offline handy experience.
1. Clean Icon Design

The design you choose for your app icon is the very first thing anyone would come across and it is very fundamental and key to attract which play a decisive role to go ahead with the app or not. Don’t make it too complex and multiplex or multiplex or even Byzantine, or Daedalian which could turn users mind totally in the other direction. Keep the icon clean with valiant and pulsating colors and very much in accordance with the purpose or theme of the app.
2. Screen Resolution Children of advent have come in the market with a whole new force of cell phones equipped with different alien features, displays and resolutions.. This whole scenario makes it equal to impossible to attain ideal a perfect resolution fit to all. So put as little info as possible on the display front gradually getting bigger with each fold. Another important point is tone it down. On mobile screen there will be less focus so the use of all available colors won’t look catchy as it appears on your desktop rather it may create a dispelling effect. An ice clear background with bold…
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