Improving Winthrop University 's College Of Business

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I am requesting the acceptance of this proposal for my feasibility study. The purpos7e of my feasibility study is determining the most effective ways to improve Winthrop University’s College of Business. First, I will examine the current state of the college and its future outlook. The college has experienced poor student performance, professor turnover, and low job placement. Concluding my examination, I will then offer solutions to the problems faced by the college. One essential area for improvement is the caliber of students studying in the College of Business. Through the implementation and completion of a special student admissions process, the college will see an increase in student performance that will cause other weak areas of…show more content…
However, since the financial crisis of 2008, universities have had to shift their primary focus from the formation of knowledge, to finding creative ways to keep the lights on. After 2008, universities had most of their state funding revoked as states also struggled to meet their financial budgets. Since the crisis, state funding has not increased with the improvement of the economy, leaving universities still desperate to meet year budgets. The increase in admissions through the decrease in admission requirements may satisfy budget needs; however, it only hurts universities in the long run.

Admitting lower caliber students into colleges brings the class down, causing damaging effects in the long term; damages currently experienced by Winthrop and the College of Business. When educational groups are formulated, bringing down the top of the group to improve the bottom hardly ever works. One of Winthrop’s greatest advantages is its class sizes and student-to-faculty ratio. However, this benefit is minimized through the decrease in academic standards. In trying to increase the performance of the bottom students, professors inevitably limit the advancement of their top students. When professors try to make sure everyone is on the same page, top students are not challenged to see how far they can really go. This is one of the biggest problems Winthrop faces.

Currently, Winthrop and the College of Business are in a negative feedback loop. A negative feedback
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