Improving Xerox Emirates ' Supplies And Consumables Sales After The Dismal 2014 Performance

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Victoria Sanders
Vice President, Post Sales Commercial
P.O.Box 11209, 72 Industrial Media Production Zone
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dear Victoria,

Thank you for the time you and your colleagues spent discussing the urgent need to increase Xerox Emirates’ supplies and consumables sales after the dismal 2014 performance. After looking into the probable causes in the loss of revenue and giving your situation considerable thought, we have discovered the loss in revenue is due to improper inventory management. This will potentially lead to failure in supporting enterprises with their printing needs, deteriorating delivery performance, dissatisfactory customer service and entry of competition into your market.

NP Consulting will provide a comprehensive solution by creating a real time inventory management plan complete with all the resources required which will ensure your cost and service objectives are met. The goal of the project is to increase the printer supplies sales by 30% at a cost of $200,000 by April 2016. Subsequent to implementation, we expect your inventory forecasts to be accurate saving you $350,000 that is lost yearly due to improper inventory management. This will ensure your commitments are fulfilled in a timely manner and your delivery performance and customer service levels highly improved, which will maintain your standing as the leading printing solutions company in the UAE.

Our proposal below presents our understanding of your current situation, our
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