Improving Your Emotional Intelligence Can Be Jump

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Improving your emotional intelligence can be jump started by following some simple steps. Psychiatrist Dr. Norman Rosenthal (2012) suggests several steps that can enhance your emotional intelligence, many of the tips he suggests are found among the foundational skills toward successful collaboration discussed in the text by Friend and Cook (2013). Both Rosenthal and Friend and Cook place not interrupt or changing the subject high among skills that will help you to become a better listener. Listening with your whole body and being aware of physical sensations of stress will allow you to process your thoughts with the power of reason (Rosenthal, 2012). Additionally, all of the authors suggest avoiding prejudgments and making faulty assumptions. By not making assumptions and judgments before all of the information about a topic or conflict has been given prevents a thorough thought process from taking place. Rosenthal follows up this step with two additional steps that require the listener to seek to make connections with their own thoughts. He states that "listening to your feelings is like listening to all of the witnesses in a court case. Only by admitting all of the evidence will you be able to reach the best verdict" (2012). I think this advice makes an excellent tie into Friend and Cook 's suggested listening skills namely, establishing listening goals, and focusing on the content and context of the spoken message (p. 67-68). When a conflict arises it is important to be

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