Improving a Teams Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance

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Improving a Teams Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance.

Improving a Teams Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
Team collaboration is a challenge organizations encounter because of varies personalities, cultures, and beliefs. According to Web Finance, Inc. (2012), a team is defined as “a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.” A team is structured in an organization, usually separated into different teams to fulfill the desired goal or mission. Some people may believe a team or group is the same; however, they both are entirely two different entities in its entirety. For example, a group of people may not have the same objectives in mind, but a team is
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It is important for organizations to have ethic business training programs. One example would be quarterly Internet training via Internet, and a motivational speaker at a conference annually would help improve business decisions among management. Management would attend the motivational conference, whereas staff including management would attend the Internet training. The training should be clear and well defined but also for the better of the organization and not for personal reasons.
Collaborating with management
Each month we have supervisor meeting addressing updates and concerns, which give us the opportunity to exchange ideas. There are 28 supervisors with very different personalities, but we all are a team trying to accomplish a desired goal for the organization. Some of the attitudes are strong while others are more passive. There are some supervisor’s that will speak up to the director, correcting her, while others are not as confident or perhaps do not want to get involved; this would be their personality. While each possesses different emotions and values, our values in the workforce must meet. The difference of each supervisor allows us to exchange ideas, and pinpoint what is not working in our clinics. At times, a supervisor might have personal reasons to suggest a change, but gathering together allows us to determine if this would work.
Teams are an important aspect of an
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