Improving the Employment Rate

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The year 2013 was the year that the United States was to prevail and work towards the expectations to increase hiring for the US people. The only problem was that the employment rate barely budged from 3 years leading up to 2013. The goal for the US is to improve its employment rate from the recession period that put a lot of people out of work and as well put a huge dent in the US economy that we are still trying to overcome. The US population grows about 200,000 people a month in a 12 month span, and with the US economy adds only 173,000 jobs a month. Now, with that a quarter of the population is without a job which is a complete slowdown in hiring. Federal budget cuts, banks being on edge with Wall Street, and slow growth in the countries of China and Europe have hurt international trade, and these are only a few factors that hurt the hiring process in 2013. The year 2014 is the year the country is looking to progress on the economy giving the opportunity of more jobs to be added to the working field. The year 2014 people are going to be looking to bounce back to the hiring field to try and make up from what they did not have in the previous years, so where can people find jobs would be a very particular question to the US people? Manufacturing companies will be a hotspot for people as it increased 21,000 jobs monthly. The retail sector has always been a major boom, and it is planning to be this year 2014 also. Jobs fell 12,900 after a strong increase in the previous

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