Improving the Guest Experience at the Walt Disney World Resort

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Meeting the New Standard© Improving the Guest Experience at the Walt Disney World Resort Strategic Consulting Josh Buchanan Matthew Covarrubias James Gillis T.J. Lovejoy Craig Wuollet December 3, 2007 Executive Summary 3 Disney’s Guest Expectations 4 The Cast as a Core Competency 4 The New Cast Member Standard 5 Disney’s Cast Basics 5 Determining the Drivers of the New Standard 5 Do Cast Members feel valued? 5 Is Management creating an environment that has a positive affect on Cast performance? 6 Do Managers have the tools necessary to be Effective? 6 Treat Cast Members how you want them to treat guests 7 Achieving the New Cast Member Standard 7 Operational Areas 7…show more content…
Feedback tools need to be developed to increase the effectiveness of management and increase management’s accountability for their team’s performance. Lastly, managers should remember the golden rule in that they should treat ‘Cast Members how they would want them to treat Guests.’ In doing so, Disney will be striving to create a magical experience not only for its valued guests, but also for the people that make it happen, the Cast. Disney’s Guest Expectations “Part of the Disney success is our ability to create a believable world of dreams that appeals to all age groups.”--Walt Disney Much of what differentiates Disney Theme Parks from their competitors is their ability to fully immerse guests into a ‘magical’ reality where the thoughts and concerns of the outside world are pushed to the wayside. The core to the success of Disney Theme Parks is an outstanding commitment to guest service and the Cast Member’s ability and freedom to do whatever possible to make sure the guest’s stay is a positive and memorable one. This has become the expectation of Disney guests, as well as the expectation of the organization as a whole. This expectation is difficult to maintain, especially considering the high expectations of every individual guest that visits the parks. Even one bad encounter

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