Essay on Improving the Quality of Education

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Improving the Quality of Education

The traditional school calendar is nine months in school and three months out. It was put into place when we were an agrarian society and the whole family was needed to work in the fields and to harvest the crops. Children were an important part of the family farm, and this took precedence over a formal education. Now that our society is no longer agrarian, and has not been so for more than a hundred and thirty years, it may be time for a change. We have heard how the United States ranks in comparison to other post-industrial countries in regards to education. One idea that has proven to be successful in improving the education level of students is “year round schooling”. Year round schooling
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The implementation of year round schooling has met with opposition in some areas because of the lack of understanding and availability of information. One of the first misconceptions is that teachers and students would be attending school for the whole year without a break. It has also been said that moving to year round school would cause a breakdown of family relationships and traditions. In addition, the loss of the summer vacation would disrupt normal childhood growth and development. Some groups have argued that with the reduction in the number of summer vacationers, the economy of seasonal communities would be adversely affected. Also, with less high school age students available to work, a shortage of available staff for needed summer positions would leave jobs unfilled.

The change to year round school would take some adjustments by all groups. The teachers, students, and their family members would have to adjust to having multiple vacations that were spread out over the entire year. This would be beneficial to all parties involved, with the breaks spread out the families would be able to plan multiple activities during the different breaks. Unlike with one large summer break, parents and spouses would not be as restricted by work constraints that leave children at home alone with Nintendo and television. Parents would then be able to utilize all of their vacation and holiday time
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