Improving the Quality of Life for Students in Poverty

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In order to improve the quality of education for students living in poverty, one must first look at the day-to-day struggles these students face. In our world today, poverty is becoming a big issue that has a negative impact on the children that deal with it. More and more children are being effective with poverty and the school that they attend is not able to keep up with the needs that are needed for the students in order to learn. These papers talk about the research on how poor children have limited access on effective teaching. A child social class will also be mention as well as the many challenges that come from in teaching disadvantage kids. Children who are brought up in poverty typically have lower score than those from a higher social class. The differences in the educational score gap can be from social class as well as the school that they may attend. Many factors need to be taken in consideration before placing a social class label on a child for the reason they do not perform well. Things that need to be considered is the child learning style, home situation, former learning experience and disabilities that may have that has not been addressed. For a lot of children, a good education is their only way to escape the class in which they were born in. Whatever goes on inside has classroom has a huge impact on a child’s academic achievement One thing that can affect a poor child is emotional issues. Usually a child of poverty has had little to no emotional
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