Improving the Situation of the Black Underclass

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The history of America is one that can’t be discussed without talking about the Negro. Whether we want to admit it or not, the Negro has played an integral part in making what America what it is today. If it wasn’t for the profits generated from slavery, there would have been no way that America would have been the country that it is today. The slavery that the Negro endured has produced some positive and negatives, but it is the negatives that have been something that the Negro hasn’t been able to overcome for hundreds of years. It is these same negatives that have compelled some of the greatest black minds in history to create solutions to these problems. Minds such as Crummell, W.E.B Du Bois are some of the minds that have come up with…show more content…
Like what was stated before, the slave system created in depressing moral dilemma in the Negro race. This has, as stated by Alexander Crummell, created a “need for a great moral revolution which shall touch and vivify the inner life of a people, which shall give the dissatisfaction with ignoble motives and sensual desires, which shall bring to them a resurrection from inferior ideas and lowly ambitions” (p.14). The message that is to be taken away from this statement, if anything else, is the fact that as stated by Crummell “moral elevation should be the highest ambition of our people” (p.13). The high crime rate among the Negro race and the high number of Negros institutionalized in today prisons attest to the fact that this social evolution within the Negro race is something that is greatly need. The high rate of pregnancy among young Negro women also attests to this great need. Although one can understandably make the argument that some of the Negros problems have been caused other outside forces, does this fact mean that we should ignore this fact or rather wait until those outside force somehow miraculously change. Firstly, the option of the Negro not doing anything isn’t even an option. Such statements are made by children before the reach the age of adolescence, not by a race that is past the time of maturity. How came one just not respond to such a dilemma such as
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