Impulsive, Irresponsible, Or Just Plain Essay

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Some would consider Max impulsive, irresponsible, or just plain serendipitous because he loved to shower his family with unexpected surprises. He hid candy in his overcoat pockets; when he arrived home from work, the seven took turns guessing which pocket held the treats. The ultimate serendipitous occasion occurred when he surprised them with the news they were getting a five-foot deep, twenty-two foot wide, above ground swimming pool. Only one other house in the neighborhood had an above ground pool, so that added to the element of surprise. They felt like they were the richest family in the world. Sitting on the sidewalk that ran along the sliding glass door, just off the kitchen facing the backyard, all seven children sat like ducks in a row, watching the assembly of their new treasure. Max and Hanna, along with Uncle John, walked all over the yard trying to decide the best place to put the pool. Agreeing on the far right corner of the backyard, the swing set that kept them occupied the previous summer was dismantled. “Katie, I didn’t know we’d have to give up the swing set. Can’t we have both?” “Guess not, Millie.” Millie pointed, “Why is Dad making a big circle with that white stuff? It looks like the white chalk on a football field.” Kate replied, “I guess it’s to mark where to put the pool.” They watched as their father and uncle dug out clumps of grass, one shovel at a time. After the first hour, the children realized their pool would not be ready for quite some
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