Impulsive Purchase

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In this essay we have discussed buyer behaviors. The difference between impulsive purchase and unplanned purchase. Defined impulsive purchase and give example of it. Highlight the main difference between impulsive purchase and unplanned purchase. Provide real life example to support my point. What are the factors which force us to indulge into such type of behavior. What are the impacts of these factors on our buying habits. What is meant by “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” means and how people use this quote to reduce the consequence of impulsive behavior? What are the after effects of these buying habits and how they affect people life. How people feel regretful when their habit of impulsive buying become
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Some people spend more when they are happy while other spend more when they are upset.
Momentary conditions:
Momentary conditions reflect state of being such as being tired, being ill, having a great deal of money or having no money.
What happen in Vegas stays in Vegas:

As stated by ( Juggler-ga,2005) “ What happen in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a slogan taken from “what happen here, stays here” it has been created by an advertising agency named as R&R Partners. To elaborate this more we can say that this means what ever you do in Vegas will stay in Vegas. As we all know that Las-Vegas are the world most famous place for shopping and other stuff. People mostly go there and spend all of their money on buying useless objects. These habits sometime create negative impacts on buyers by giving birth to a sense of guilt or regret after buying expensive products. As stated by (RachelB, n.d.) impulsive buying habits sometime have very negative impacts on consumers and is becoming a serious problem for them. The people who are involved in these types of habitual shopping habits faces huge debts. The factors which force buyers to involve in these
There is a major study took place in Point-of-Purchase advertising institute in US. According to this study Point-of-Purchase displays are very common and they have enormous impacts on buying habits of consumers. Marketers use many strategies to
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