In 1619, The First Group Of African Slaves Was Brought

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In 1619, the first group of African slaves was brought to the New World. This was just the beginning of a vast, prevailing slave economy where slaves were brought in by the thousands, separated from their families, and forced to do their masters work under extremely harsh conditions; they were not given substantial victuals, had to work long hours without rest, and were treated as less than human. This cruel treatment and fickle system eventually sparked a new movement called the abolitionist movement. Fighting for the rights of slaves as well as the eventual complete abolition of slavery, many abolitionist writers like Fredrick Douglas and Harriet Jacobs told powerful stories of their struggles in slavery and gave strong imagery of this…show more content…
In the meanwhile, slaves were not allowed to receive property at all since they were basically viewed as property. Being viewed as less than men and having restrained privileges was experienced by both women and slaves. She even made a point in saying that the Anti-Slavery party pleaded for women. Abolitionists, like feminists, were working for more rights for the group they supported so Fuller thought it made logical sense that abolitionists could sympathize with women. Fuller also considered the idea that women were slaves too in certain respects. “And knowing that there exists, in the world of men, a tone of feeling towards women as towards slaves,” (Pg. 751). Fuller drew a similarity between the slaves who were brutally forced to work and women in mentioning “the innumerable instances, in which profligate or idle men live upon the earnings of industrious wives” (Pg. 750). She argued that women were practically slaves to the domestic sphere and that no more was expected of them. She even included how men wondered whether women are “capable of being and having more than they are and have”. Men were described as saying that their wives were happy in their sphere and when asked if they had asked their wives if that was true, they had not. They just assumed. “Am I not the head of my house?” men would say. “You are not the head of your wife. God has given her

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