In 1959, Erik Erikson Introduced His Theory Of Psychosocial

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In 1959, Erik Erikson introduced his theory of psychosocial development. His psychoanalytic theory consists of eight different stages that span throughout a person’s life and each stage consists of a crisis that must be resolved as either a positive value or a negative outcome. This preset order through which individuals develop is known as an epigenetic principle. According to Santrock (2016), contrary to Freud’s theory, which was introduced years earlier, Erikson insisted that humans develop psychosocially instead of psychosexually. In other words, instead of human motivation being rooted in sexual behavior, it is instead derived from a social need to interact with others. Two individuals who portray Erikson’s particular theory are…show more content…
Currently, Cullen is encouraged to do as much on his own as he is willing to try, and dressing himself is one of these things. Though he has not quite gotten the hang of this yet, he is allowed to go upstairs into his room and choose, to the best of his ability, what he would like to wear and then try to put it on. He is young though, so he cannot always figure out which hole is for the arm or head and matching an outfit rarely happens, so sometimes a parent steps in to lend a bit of assistance. Cullen is also learning to play on his own. Even though he has family around him all day, being able to use his own mind and imagination for entertainment is an important step in his development. Some of his favorite activities include playing in his sandbox, making pretend food with play dough, and building structures with his building blocks. While these are all activates that can easily be done with others, Cullen is gaining the ability to be content trying them out on his own. This newfound independence lends itself to other activities as well. One of Cullen’s favorite things to do is eat, and his parents have allowed him to feed himself since the first few times that he tried it on his own. While it would most likely be easier and less messy for his parents to feed him, they know that it is important that he learns to do these basic life functions on his own. It not only allows him to

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