In 1989, Howard Dresner Decided To Propose"Business Intelligence"

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In 1989, Howard Dresner decided to propose "business intelligence" as a blanket term to describe the concepts and methods used to improve all business decision making by using different fact-based support systems. However, it was not until in the late 1990s that this usage became widespread.
Critics often see BI as evolved from mere reporting of business added together with the advent of powerful and easy-to-use tools for data analysis. In this respect, it has often been criticized as a marketing tactic in the context of the ever present big data surge.
Data Warehousing

Often applications for business intelligence use data that is gathered from a data warehouse also known as a data mart, and these concepts are sometimes combine with the
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If the term is used broadly, business intelligence can also include the subsection of competitive intelligence.
Comparison with business analytics
Business intelligence along with business analytics can sometimes be used interchangeably. However, they actually have alternate definitions. One definition is used to contrast the two, and states that the term business intelligence is referring to collecting business data, and using it to find information primarily through the process of asking questions, reporting, along with using an online analytical processes. Business analytics, however, uses statistical along with quantitative tools for predictive and explanatory modeling.
In a different definition, a professor know for studying in information technology and management, argues that the term business intelligence should be divided into different segments, such as reporting querying, OLAP (used as an "alerts" tool), and should include business analytics.

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