In 2011 I Came To The Richard Stockton College Of New Jersey,

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In 2011 I came to the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, and four years later was a member of the first graduating class Stockton University in 2015. During those four years as an undergraduate student, I enrolled in a number of classes and interacted with an immeasurable amount of students, none of which I could tell you the name of, nor any of the professors that I have interacted with ever again. This had been the format for my education to which I had become accustomed to. Upon entering my first class in the MAHG program I found the desks all in a circle and students talking amongst one another instead of being glued to their phones. Strangers, students, actually introduced themselves to me, asked me about my summer, and asked to…show more content…
The portraits are drawn by Manfred Bockelmann and the experience I had working alongside Dr. Hussong and documenting for this exhibition will be with me forever. You are not just looking at portraits when you see these drawings, you see a life story. These portraits remind us that we have a universal obligation to make sure that no story, no person, no genocide gets pushed into oblivion. They are a reminder and a warning of what we can do and what we can never let happen. At the start of my second year in the MAHG program, I had the pleasure to work alongside Gail Rosenthal, Maryann McLoughlin, and Sarah Albertson as part of a Graduate Assistantship and then as a student worker. My time in the resource center has not only shown me all the program does for the entire Stockton community, but how it reaches outside into our neighboring communities of Galloway, Ventnor, and Margate. I have seen how the center works with the public and the incredible achievements it has made for Holocaust remembrance in the school and outside of it. I have also had a great pleasure this semester to work alongside Dr. Hayse on the Hammerschlag exhibit and the Kochavi biography. It has been incredible to see and hear the first-hand accounts of a survivor and get to become a part of bringing that account to the written word. To see the process of the

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