In 2014 They Had Issued Over 486,000 Shares Where Each

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In 2014 they had issued over 486,000 shares where each one cost around .28 cents. “When they originally began, most of their funds came from healthcare investors and funds” (SEC, 4). In the SEC it states that they have been able to have raise over 108 million in preferred stocks, 99.9 million in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities and have a deficit of 25.5 million. On the balance sheet for 2015 the assets of the company are $101,603 in 2014, which is an increase of 2014’s numbers of $12,529. On the S1 as of 2015 Corvus has had a total of 15,767,250 shares and common stock equivalents which has increased from the 4,196,494 from 2014. Since Corvus Pharmaceuticals recently began and offered a lot of stock options it has…show more content…
Market Sector The market sector Corvus Pharmaceuticals is currently in is in the healthcare sector of the economy. The price is of their stock is $9.99 and it has kept going up They are developing drugs that are involved with cancer which means the competition is great. After looking at Morning Star it looks like Amgen Inc., Celgene Corp, and Gilead Sciences Inc. are some of the competitors in their field. All of them have had positive cash flows, and they’re stock prices are significantly higher than Corvus’s stock price. Corvus currently has a negative cash flow, but is still in the stages of development so over time that will begin to change if the drugs they produce successfully work during the trail runs. Strategy On the S1 Corvus Pharmaceuticals main strategy is to “become a leader in the field of immuno-oncology treatments for multiple cancer indications.” (S1, 5). In order to achieve their goal CRVS has 5 elements to achieve it and they are: due to the employee’s skills and knowledge in immunology and oncology it allows them to research and develop new products. Corvus has also used data from previous trials to help them on the CPI-444 for oncology. The use of products that can be used for treatments. “Identify biomarkers to select patients and monitor treatment with our product candidates” (S1, 5) and partner with

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