In 2015, Evan Hefer, A United States Army And Special Forces

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In 2015, Evan Hefer, a United States Army and Special Forces Veteran decided after 20 years of government service it was time for him to retire and so he decided to start a business doing what he loved, roasting coffee. As a child Evan grew up smelling the various aromas of his father and grandfather’s coffee, in high school he learned to love the taste and years later he fell in love with a barista and the true passion came. When asked why he created the small business Evan Hefer simply stated “I created Black Rifle Coffee Company for people like myself, coffee-loving veterans and those who are committed to supporting the 2nd Amendment. I wanted to create a company that roasted the finest, freshest coffee on the planet that also…show more content…
Production Needs Coffee for a Cause will benefit the nearly 800,000 veterans in the United States that are in some sort of need (Delany). With so many people to help, BRCC decided Veterans were the ones that were in need and could benefit the most. Evan Hefer, might not be what the mainstream media would call politically correct but him and his company have a set of values that are anything but difficult to see and understand. The fact that the company and it’s employees live by their four values family, business, veterans, and country, everything else is null and void to the company and they aren’t afraid to speak their mind, fight for their causes, and work hard to win. Coffee for a Cause is going to be the next big win for the company, a great new product with a great new causes that helps a population that is in need. After all who can say it better? “If there is good to be done for causes we believe in, we will take it on. No different than raising your right hand and stepping into service for your country (Sauer).” Estimated Cycle Time Coffee for a cause is expected to out produce Thin Blue Line in production and sales. This is important as we can determine the cycle time, lead time, and takt time based on the productions of the Thin Blue Line product line, with some changes based on an increase in production and a change of product. The goal for Black Riffle Coffee Company is to have a

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