In A Country, Full Of Many Different Languages, Nationalities,

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In a country, full of many different languages, nationalities, and cultures, it is known that many of them are in the process of learning the English language. Which isn’t an easy task. They not only learn to speak the language, but strive to learn to read the language. They deal with man struggles. However, there are many benefits. Those benefits include, but are not limited to, having a knowledge of diversity, a polycot brain, motivation and drive, and job opportunities. One benefit of becoming bilingual as a child, is being aware of others and diversity. In Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood, Richard Rodriguez, tells of his experiences. “The nun said, in a friendly but oddly impersonal voice: “Boys and girls, this is Richard…show more content…
It is a program that seeks to permit non-English-speaking children (many from lower class homes) to use their “family language” as the language of school” (228). Many kids that are struggling to learn the English language, would much rather go back to their comfort zone of their home language. But, as someone has once said, “there’s no growth in a comfort zone, and no comfort in growth zone.” As a young child, required to go into an education system that is taught in a completely different language, they are thrown out of their comfort zone much quicker, than the other average 5-year-old classmate. This program that the Hispanic-American social activists were trying to propose could potentially make it harder in the long run for those children. As they are then allowed to speak their home language, instead of branching out, to learn the more popular language. For many of those students, they will lose so many benefits and opportunities if given the chance to not learn the English language. Another benefit of becoming bilingual young, is a polyglot brain. In an article, in TIME Magazine, titled, “The Power of the Bilingual Brain,” Jeffrey Kluger reports, “It 's too early to measure exactly what the lifelong benefits of early language training will be, but all of the science suggests that they will be considerable--and that some of the differences will be physically detectable in the brains of the polyglot kids. Research
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