In A Different Voice by Carol Gilligan Essay

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Psychology is defined by Merriam-Webster, as the science of mind and behavior. It is a study of how an individual's psyche can be created, developed, altered or destroyed. Carol Gilligan, a Harvard Graduate School professor, for many years has analyzed the psychological theory and development, specifically in a book entitled In A Different Voice. Through years of history women have been subjugated. They are seen as vehicles for reproduction and sexual objects. Yet this is a mentality that is directly related with moral theory. Since this is for the most part a male dominated society, women's views are often seen …show more content…

Understanding can only occur through connections with other people, a main reason why communication is essential to a relationship's longevity. Gilligan stated that females are able to make this three-stage transition effortlessly while males have a difficult time advancing past the first stage. Carol Gilligan believes that there are vast differences between genders. Males are individuals who want to see justice be converted into instant gratification. They can be described by the following terms: logical, right and wrong, rule-based, less caring, present focused, strict rules, black and white, independent, rigid or commanding. Females are individuals who see caring for other people as important. They can be depicted by the following terms: reasonable, emotional, compassionate, more caring, rationalizing, future focused, shades of gray, dependent, people oriented, or having difficulty in decision-making. These terms, of course, do not express the characteristics of every man or woman. I feel that a child's development can explain most of these adult personalities. How a child is influenced at a young age has a direct correlation to their behavior later in life. Male children are given G.I. Joe action figures as toys while female children are given Barbie dolls. When you view the male children's action figure, it more often than not has a bodybuilder's physique and is equipped with some sort of weapon, introducing the

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