In A Father Who Keeps His Promises Written By Scott Hahn,

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In A Father Who Keeps His Promises written by Scott Hahn, his thorough commentary and illustration of the Old Testament is examined. The Novel begins with the depiction of a severe earthquake in 1989 that killed tens of thousands, which offers us a peek at the perfection of our Heavenly Father. Hahn continuing, he begins to explain the meaning of a covenant, following with the significant differences that a contract and covenant have between them. After, there is an exploration by Hahn on the topic of fathers who are not in heaven. Then he states most likely the greatest point of his entire novel that is summarized into this quote. I want to help you catch a vision of a very different kind of father, the eternal who never fails to…show more content…
The book is then further continued with the exploration of creation and desecration. When it comes to the creation of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden a so-called set of guidelines were put in place for Adam and Eve to live by. A part of those rules were that could only eat from the tree of life and not from the tree of knowledge. Adam and Eve violated that which resulted in the breaking of the covenant and ate from the tree of knowledge because Satan tempted them. Although the couple had gone entirely against God’s words, God promised them a savior from Satan. However a curse was inflicted on Adam and Eve by God to show the love he had for them. In Hahn’s novel he explains why God would inflict the suffering that he imposed on Adam and Eve: Once the nature of Adam’s sin is understood to be his refusal to suffer out of love for his Father and bride, three conclusions logically follow. First, the divine curse of suffering imposed on Adam and Eve was perfectly reasonable. Second, their humble acceptance of that punitive suffering would be remedial. Third, Christ’s bearing of this curse, in his own sacrificial suffering on the cross, would prove to be redemptive. (73) Furthermore, the history of the covenants is gone into in more depth. He continues with the story of Cain giving into the deadly sin of envy on his way to kill his own brother. God declared that Noah is also a major covenant and that

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