In A Heartbeat Chapter Summary

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In a Heartbeat Book Report
In the book In a Heartbeat, Amelia and Eagan are the protagonist of the book. Amelia is a young girl who has a very serious heart sickness. On the other hand, Eagan is slightly older and has everything she could dream of, skating, popularity, a boyfriend, money, and most of all a caring family. Amelia is a very sweet girl, who wishes to have a normal life. Amelia has a heart disease and can not do anything a ‘normal’ person can do such as play sports, walk, eat, and ect. Amelia has brown hair, but wants blonde hair like her mom and family, she also has blue eyes, she is short, and is fourteen. Eagan is a girl who has been in skating since she has been 3 years old. She has a complicated relationship with her mother, they have many fights but then at the end they love each other. Eagan is sixteen years old and has a boyfriend. They are both caring people who are outgoing and very confident in themselves.
In the book, Eagan lives in the United States just like Amelia. The time is set on modern days, only that Eagan’s family likes the ‘old’ times. In the book, Amelia and her friend travel to a different state to say thanks for a really big
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One way it can be better is by making the two girls know each other when they were little. That would be better because, there would be more drama Amelia since she does have her ‘friends heart’. Another way it would be even more better would be by having Eagan die some other way. This would be better because it’s really sad in the original book how she dies by doing her favorite activity in the world. Lastly the book could have been even more wonderful if Amelia wouldn’t have gone to meet Eagan’s parents. This would have made the book extra special because then Amelia would still feel like a mystery since there’s a part of her that still needs something. I think that these are a few reasons that In a Heartbeat would become even
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