In A Heartbeat Essay

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As the audience, I really loved the film “In a Heartbeat.” It was a heartwarming animated short that played on our heartstrings. It is important to note that this short film was uploaded on YouTube and went viral on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The reach that just those three social media channels have are much higher than can be measured. On YouTube alone the video has been watched 31.8 million times. The flow, style, and pieces of the film seemed to be geared towards a younger audience. It was cartoony and light-hearted but touched upon a much deeper issue synonymous with bullying and lgbt struggles, which expands the audience to those who are much more open and comprehensive in their values. I think our generation is becoming more progressive and our media is…show more content…
I think Beth David and Esteban Bravo achieved successful storytelling duality by melding two categories of viewers who might not be fully synonymous.
The placement of any film can really add a layer to a story. In “In a Heartbeat,” the audience is introduced to the environment in the opening scene: the campus entrance of Newgate Junior HIgh school. Most assume that animated films are consumed mostly by young children, but they forget that teenagers and young adults do so too. Therefore, the generic visual of a brown brick school building, symmetrical courtyard and bushes resonate with a large part of the film’s viewers. And the spiraling plot filled with the panic and feeling of crushing on someone at school, the struggles of feeling defeated, lonely, and ostracized at school, and the social norms and obstacles of junior
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