In A Similar Fashion Of United States Government When President

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In a similar fashion of United States government when President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second World War also cited security risk of the entry of asylum seekers. This time in regards to the persecution of those deemed inferior to the Nazis, such as the Jews and handicap. During World War II we again, were faced with a very similar situation we are with the refugees from many African and Middle Eastern nations. In the lead up to what eventually would become known as the Holocaust, the main target of the Nazis Final Solution which was the mass persecution and extermination of the Jewish population in Europe. The current situation with many parallels to the humanitarian crisis during WWII, we again are faced with a refugee crisis…show more content…
Statistically speaking just three nations are responsible for 53% of all worldwide refugees, they are Somali, Afghanistan, and Syria (United Nations). This position, reflecting the attitudes of those in power and a portion of Americans have a mindset of restricting the settlement of refugees into the United States. The reasons cited for the ban are those I noted the opposition cites to my proposed change in policy, the "interest" of national security. This is why we must as Americans go out and use all the power we have in this representative democracy as citizens. In the ban that has now been overturned by a court of appeals for the time being, preventing a full-out ban of travel and the resettlement program in the United States. However, the federal government must enact policy here that reflects we are a true force for good and long-term support to those labeled refugees. We must put forth policy with high quotas and priority given to individuals from places identified by UN efforts that have refugee concerns and ongoing conflict leading to large displacements of people. Which are almost always in Africa and the Middle East. Allowing them to enter into the United Sates much more quickly and escaping the danger they are faced with. By giving priority entry to those who in many cases are fleeing ISIL or civil war, such as that in Syria for example, then we will save innocent lives while repairing our damaged moral image making us more safe
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