In A World Of Technology Why Would The Medical Field Not

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In a world of technology why would the medical field not follow suit? It would and does every day making leaps and bounds of progress to a better healthier you. One way of doing this is called e-Health technology which encompasses a wide variety of tools, including social media, mobile technology, and telehealth. With the right technology tools, consumers can be empowered and more engaged in their own health and health care. An at home health patient monitoring system is one way of moving what was reactive care in the past to preventive care in the present (McGee, 2012).
The name of one such platform that uses at home health patient monitoring (HHM) is called TELUS. Their home health monitoring devise is a wireless unit that weighs just
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By remotely monitoring a patient’s condition the physician can alter the treatment as needed by using their laptop or cellphone. The ability to manage the care of the patient remotely increases the healthcares team productivity for the entire staff. Allowing for a more output of care and intake of more patients satisfying the needs of the financial stakeholders. There are no specific target groups for this devise, however some patients many benefit more than others. Patients who are at home have reduced anxiety and can heal faster. The hospitals can facilitate a patient’s recovery at home with the use of the home monitoring system. Another group who can benefit greatly from an HHM devise is the elderly or patients with chronic ailments. These patients in some cases must make monthly and perhaps weekly visits to see their physicians. The use of the HHM can lessen the frequency of the visits without jeopardizing the patients’ health. Legal and ethical issues will always run the forefront when dealing in the health and well-being of a patient. The way data is collected and transmitted in a HHM devise is not in debate, however the possibility of the information being stolen or hacked can be a legal concern for the physicians and the facilities that they work for. As well as malfunctions of the devise in regards to potential adverse effects on patient management decisions through delayed or missing information, misunderstood advice, or inaccurate
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