In Adriana Craciun's Dacre: A Necessary Evil

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These monsters are not just boogeymen hiding in closets. These are men of society with a place on the social ladder. Furthermore, these works of literature access the fears of the society at the time. Satan disguised himself as the Moorish dark-skinned servant. Resulting in much criticism, it is a ground-breaking part of this novel. Adriana Craciun argues that Dacre was inspired by an earlier novel entitled Zoflora for her antagonist. She said that by doing this Dacre was ‘offering an unsympathetic and unsentimental (though thoroughly exoticized) portrayal of a black slave in the year preceding the passage of the anti-slave trade bill’ (Craciun 17). Although, as Victoria and Zofloya’s relationship progresses, so does his social status. Craciun
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