In America, One Out Of Three Children Does Not Have A Father

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In America, one out of three children does not have a father actively presently in their life. Many households only consist of the mother being a solo care provider. An amazing fact about my childhood is that I was blessed with two fathers. My biological father follows Christian beliefs.On the other hand, my stepfather follows Buddhist beliefs. Many children do not like their stepfather, however, my stepdad made it very easy to love him. My mother married my stepfather later in life, therefore, he had already been in America and relinquished some of his rituals. Growing up he did not practice traditional Buddhist religion. However, my step father 's mother continued to follow the religion and culture of Buddhism in America. My grandmother…show more content…
Desire is known as the human craving for sensual pleasure, fear of physical death, and avoidance of unpleasant situations. Buddhist’s ultimate goal is to remove the suffering by letting go greed and desire. Many followers of Buddhism refrain from grieving at a funeral, weeping the loss of a job, and having high expectations of riches. Monks take a vow that strips themselves of all of their possessions even shoes and hair. They do not work and are completely dependent on the generosity of others to eat. Each individual seeking interaction with the sacred is requested to constantly follow the three jewels at all time. The first Jewel involves taking refuge in the Buddha. During this time an individual must strip themselves of all tangible items before reenacting the life of Buddha. They will dress like Buddha, shave their heads like Buddha, and practice meditation like Buddha. The second Jewel is, “I take refuge in the dharma”. This includes five basic concepts such as abstaining from taking life, abstaining from stealing, abstain from inappropriate sexual conduct, abstaining from false speech, and abstaining from alcohol or drugs. As a result, the person seeking the status of a monk can focus on reaching inner enlightenment. The last Jewel is, “I take refuge in the sangha”. Sangha is a Buddhist community that comes together for several months every year. During these meetings, monks join together to

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