In America, There Is An Ongoing Employment Crisis That

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In America, there is an ongoing employment crisis that is concerning. It is now seen that it is detrimental to maintain a job if you are a high school dropout. More than half of the high school drop outs in America above age 25 are currently job less, according to The Wall Street Journal. They reported that about 1.8 million college graduates have found work since January 2010, while 128,00 high school dropouts have lost their jobs in the same period. This brings a major concern in the unemployment levels. While graduates gain education post-graduation, high school drop outs are bringing the country down. High school drop outs can be seen as one of the leading causes that is impacting the U.S negatively. My main argument revolves around…show more content…
Sixty years ago, the nation could afford to lose large numbers of students before graduation because high school dropouts could still land well-paying jobs and support their families. But times have changed. Today, jobs that require relatively little education are increasingly done by machines or shipped overseas, and individuals who fail to earn a high school diploma are at a great disadvantage. According to stimulus one, A world without work, there is numerous occupations being taken over by robots and modern technology. “Oxford researchers have forecast that robots might be able to take half of all U.S. jobs within two decades.” Looking into the future, the job prospects aren’t getting any brighter for individuals with lower levels of education. According to research by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, 65 percent of all jobs in 2020 will require some form of education after high school. Mostly everyone is well-aware of the problems they receive when they drop out, but few understand the impact beyond each individual. As research by the Alliance for Excellent Education has found, high school dropouts also influence a community’s economic, social, and civic health.
If the number of high school dropouts were to be cut in half nationally, it is projected that there would be savings of $7.3 billion in annual Medicaid spending, according to Well and Well-Off:

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