In American Novelist Harper Lee’S To Kill A Mockingbird,

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In American novelist Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, the protagonist, Scout’s innocence keeps her from seeing how the real world truly is. Her lack of awareness gets her into trouble; she tries to defend a classmate by saying he cannot afford anything because of he does not have anything, which gets her punished. Scout’s ignorance is due to her age and bringing up and her thinking is not yet stricken with the idea of social class; so she is not fully alert to what social status is suppose to be. Just like Scout, a young girl named Alice is not aware of what is the world is really like. Alice’s innocence leads her to discover thoughts about herself and the world around her. In Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, the author uses…show more content…
This quote is an example of a metaphor and personification. She compares the snow to a “white quilt” and says the snow tells the trees and fields to slumber till the next season, like a mother tells her children to sleep at night. This also contributes to Alice being stuck in the preoperational stage because Alice is imagining the snow is treating the forest as its own child. She believes that since the snow covers the ground, it has a purpose to the world around her. Alice’s mind has not fully developed and within what she observes in the world around her indicates she cannot determine what is imaginative and what is reality.
Alice shows how her imagination shapes her truth through the unusual occurrences she encounters with other characters. This notion is demonstrated when she comes across a garden bed and begins to “creatively” talk to the flowers, uttering, “‘O Tiger-lily,’ said Alice, addressing herself to one that was waving gracefully about in the wind, ‘I WISH you could talk!’ ‘We can talk,’ said Tiger-lily” (168). Alice speaks to the Tiger-lily, wanting to be able to talk to it as if it was a real person. She notices how it “waves gracefully in the wind” and she assumes it is waving at her directly at her. When talking to the Tiger-lily, Alice’s subconscious mind is not fully aware why she is conversing with objects and animals that, in the normal world, would not talk back. Her
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