In An Always Changing World, Technology Has Transformed

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In an always changing world, technology has transformed from a casual use to an everyday usage. Ten years ago, in early childhood, children experienced what true peer interaction actually entails, but now they are communicating through iPads, or online games. Parents and guardians need to become more aware of the risks technology presents to children. Since the upcoming generation is overly dependent on technology, communication skills have decreased, and a family technology plan is needed for children 12 and under in order to develop vital aspects of the child’s life. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) performed a study with 105 sixth graders from a Southern California school to see how technology has impacted their…show more content…
A major solution to improve face-to-face communication is having a set schedule for screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) partnered with “” has created a Family Media Plan. The plan allows for children of all ages to be accounted for when handling technology, and in a hypothetical situation, one can create a family with different aged children: the first child being 18-24 months, the second child being 2-5 years, and the third child being 6-12 years. There are eight categories the AAP recommends to follow in order for the child to be healthy without being technologically behind. The first category they advocate is “Screen Free Zones.” At all ages there should be no devices on the table or in the child’s bedroom. If the child makes habit of it in the bedroom, they think it is okay to sleep with it. The second category is “Screen Free Times.” An hour before bed all children should put away their technology in order to have a well rested night (Corinn ). If they were to go to bed right after screen time, it could damper their sleep due to their brains still functioning at a high level. The dinner table and car are also places where technology should not be present. The one exception is long car rides. In the age group 6-12, there should be no technology when doing homework, at school, or walking on the sidewalk. The next section is “Device Curfews.” This indicates where and when the device will

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