In An Attempt To Retain Minorities In Higher Education,

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In an attempt to retain minorities in higher education, efforts of resolving this current issue have met many challenges that have caused decreases in the enrollment of predominantly white institutions. There have been a variety of studies conducted since 2000 to measure the value of higher education including minority attendance and performances. ((NCES,2016:APA,2012;Bischel,2012;; IGI,2017;Tinto2005,2006,2014,: Swail 1999,2008; Kamenetz,2016;USGA, N.D.; GAPS,2015). Most of these occurred in early 2000 with very little to nothing being done during meaningfully in the last decade. In the ACE study, New Jersey, and Arkansas, however, are examining the impact of minority higher education retention and it’s significant to our society and…show more content…
Understanding these external affiliations and how they may or may not interact with the institutions of higher learning and economy could shed some additional light on the importance of minority attrition in driving economic and educational decisions. Another probable and beneficial research direction may also be to acknowledge inferences from other diversified networks, theories and influences. Based on the results, educators believe that a review of academic advisory plans and an implementation of a computer literacy course along with the current New Student Orientation course must be a mandatory part of a student’s academic plan within their first year as a new student, as oppose to making the program(s) optional. Problem Statement Unfortunately, even with their move towards keeping minority higher education from becoming extinct, there are some design weaknesses in the research efforts. ACE dedicated various data gatherings and research that detailed literature reviews regarding the prior and current study and development obtained from the Census Bureau, and the Education Association, etc. When it comes to higher education enrollment, have increased significantly over the past decades, yet as of 2014-2015, the enrollment of minorities have decreased. Today, more
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