In Any Competitive Environment, As It Exists Today, An

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In any competitive environment, as it exists today, an effective leadership style is necessary to impulse growth, minimize mismanagement and prevent corruption. Leadership style has an impact on the employee’s performance and the overall success of the organization. This paper will address different components of leadership styles as they influence the overall behavior of staff and volunteers at the United States Sierra Leonean Association (USSLA). It will analyze its impact on performance, productivity and general morale of the membership. The aim of the study is to compare and contrast the different leadership styles applied by the various leaders in the USSLA in Staten Island and how these different styles impact the membership and the…show more content…
The group’s aim was and continues to be to promote social and cultural practices which these members no longer practiced in the diaspora. After the death of a prominent young lady in 2006, the need for togetherness increased, and the community finally came together and formed the USSLA. USSLA commenced operations in June 2006. After a year of operations, the group was incorporated on March 23rd, 2007 as a nonprofit with a 501c3 status. The organization’s initiatives include an afterschool program, an adult computer literacy program and social and immigration services for the community. It is important to note that all of the services provided by this organization are open to the public and not limited to immigrants from Sierra Leone. The group regularly organizes cultural programs at elderly centers, playgrounds, and community centers. The USSLA has had three changes of leadership within its ten years of existence, and each of these leaders came in with entirely different styles of leadership. These various leadership styles have impacted the development of the organization and its entire membership negatively and positively. The moral character and the effectiveness of a leader have become a major concern for any organization. Every organization seeks a leader who can achieve their goals in the most efficient manner. The effectiveness of the leader goes a long way to the success
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