In Bradford County There Is A Major Problem With Poverty.

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In Bradford County there is a major problem with poverty. Poverty is defined as the level of income considered extremely poor. In Bradford County the poverty rate is 20.6 percent which is significantly higher than the 13.5 percent national poverty rate. Both immigrants and citizens who are faced with poverty have little or no means of support. People who live in poverty are faced with starvation, lack of healthcare, lack of clothing and housing. Because of the poverty rate and lack of resources for the poor, Bradford County needs a shelter. A shelter can offer a temporary home for immigrants and regular citizens who need somewhere to live. Shelters usually offer meal programs for the hungry. Shelters can help in giving people the medical…show more content…
The shelter can provide meals throughout the day not just for the recipients but for anyone who needs it. Meals can be provided to those people who have jobs or assisted income but still can’t afford to feed their families. A homeless person “who receives three meals a day at the shelter and can now focus on other priorities”( Siple). In addition, they can provide some medicines or access to medical personnel. Even the little things we take advantage of like cold medicine can be a substantial way to help with the burden of people dealing with poverty. Shelter staff also offer programs for mental illness and addictions. Bathing facilities offered in shelters are essential to better health. This helps to limit the spread of chronic illnesses from uncleanliness and being exposed to the elements such as weather. Shelters provide volunteer opportunities to those in the community. Volunteers from schools or career programs help the community by placing people in administrative jobs and service work that benefit the needy. Many schools require students to have a volunteer hours. Volunteering increases the awareness of how poorly some people live and survive. Volunteering is a good way to just help the community. Most people volunteer because they want to. Volunteering is a good way to help the community, because many times it is a subject that needs help. Out of the goodness in people’s hearts they want to help, and volunteering is a great way to help. “Not only are

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