In China, Why Piracy Is Here to stay

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LEARNING TASK 1: INDIVIDUAL NEWS ARTICLE ANALYSIS In China, Why Piracy Is Here To Stay Introduction: The focus of this article is to address about the digital piracy problem happening in China. The problem of Piracy exists ever since the birth of copyright law. Never the less most of the countries do have certain amount of digital piracy problem going on. Piracy cannot be easily controlled, hence comes the copyright laws and digital piracy law into action. Summary: China is largest and developed country in the world and where piracy prevails since very long and still to continue. Before it was in the form of material copying and today it exists as digital copying. Therefore, there is a strong call for a more powerful copyright protection. Piracy is a serious ethical problem in China. China is getting more concern on the piracy now than the past. Piracy is an illegal duplication and distribution and selling of copies of the materials copyrighted, without the permission by law ("Digital piracy," 2011). Today, the term is universal and is used not only in relation to books but also for music, movies, software, pharmaceuticals and inventions as well as other intellectual properties.( Adrian Johns, 2011), China has more complexity than other countries with its distinctive cultural, political and social conditions. The piracy problem is hence complex and difficult to predict in China. As the second largest economic entity in the world, its national legislation and

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