In Class, We Defined Class Identity As The Socio-Economic,

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In class, we defined class identity as the socio-economic, political grouping of people who occupy similar positions based on a type of work/job vs. profession, income & wealth, ownership, authority, status, education, skills, and values. We also defined classism as the systemic oppression that categorizes and ranks people into dominant or subordinate groups based on economic status, family lineage, type of job and level of education. Classism tends to provide advantages for the dominant group which is based on the exploitation of subordinate group labor/wages. In learning about the true definition of class and classism, I realized that class and classism categorizes people and puts those of those of the lower and poor class in “the other”…show more content…
However, it was disheartening to hear that sometimes when she walks at work, she encounters people who insult her by calling her “ trashy”. This opened my eyes to how some people view others of the lower and poor class and that people often judge those who are marginalized, even without listening to their story of hard work. I was also angry at the system when I heard Tammy mention how she works long hours at Burger King, yet her employers cannot give her a raise like they give other employees. Tammy’s story also taught me that being poor can make people feel shame and embarrassed at their living situation, this is evidence when Tammy’s son explain how he is embarrassed living in the trailer, how he sometimes denies his relationship with his brother and the embarrassment he feels toward his mother because of the burger clothes she wears. I was inspired by Tammy’s story because it showed me that even poor people work hard and through this hard work, they get ahead in their lives. Instead of staying in the same situation, Tammy has managed to move forward and has bought a new house. Instead of walking ten and a half miles to work, she now walks twenty minutes and still has dreams of being a teacher. From watching these videos, I have a better understanding of my class identity. I realized that back home in Nairobi, Kenya, I am classified as being in the lower middle
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