In Cold Blood Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment has been under scrutiny since the uprise of civil rights movements during the mid-1950’s. This is the sentence that was dealt to Dick and Perry from In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Capital punishment is defined as the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a criminal. An alternative to this sentence is life without parole in which a person stays in prison for their rest of their life with no option to leave. There are many reasons why capital punishment is the right sentence for certain criminals similar to Dick and Perry such as the money it saves, the prevention of future crimes, and bringing closure to a family.
Prison cost will increase over the next few years because of rise in amount of new prison beds and cells being constructed, rise of medical cost, and many other
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By principle, we are not supposed to act cruelly towards one another. Principles are based on how people act and their character; therefore both Dick and Perry do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Although the death of a murderer will not bring back the life of a victim, neither will putting the person in jail for life. Justice is for punishing a person for his or hers actions. At least, when the murderers is killed, it could bring closure to the family of the victims in In Cold Blood.
Punishment of death is not cruel in the words of the Constitution. The definition of cruelty is when something more evil and brutal than loss of life. The death penalty is a punishment for a human rights violation and not a human rights violation itself. Sentencing Dick and Perry with capital punishment not only saves money or prevents future crimes, but it also brings justice to families that have suffered from the loss of the victims. It is a reasonable punishment for two criminals such Dick and
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