In Cold Blood

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Truman Capote’s use of form in his novel In Cold Blood really grabs the reader’s attention. His manipulation of form makes the reader feel as if they are part of the investigation that occurred after the unforgettable night at the Clutter house. He places the information that he gathered from the research in the book in a very interesting sequence that leaves the reader in a state of confusion. The way he jumps from the investigation to the killers within the book adds a sense of dramatic irony but never gives away why or how these cruel men murdered the family. What confuses the reader even more is that Capote leaves us feeling sorry for one of these vicious men, Perry. How Capote utilizes form makes the reader build an emotional…show more content…
Capote was certainly right with his assumption. When Perry was found guilty and sentenced the death penalty, he decided that he was going to die on his own terms instead of someone elses and began to starve himself. Capote is who nursed him back to health by spoon-feeding him baby food. This scene portrays a picture of a father feeding a baby, which makes us see Perry as a helpless child instead of a mass murderer. Capote continues to be a father figure to Perry and gains his full trust. Now that Capote is fully inside Perry’s mind, he is capable of figuring out why Perry is who he is. He finds out that Perry’s troubles began at his childhood. He discovers that Perry was abandoned by his mother and had family members that committed suicide. Any person with that kind of background is bound to have psychological problems. This is when Capote begins to think that Perry was not given a fair trial. According to the M'Naghten Rule, the criminals could be tested for insanity by any kind of doctor, Capote felt as if this was not fair because Dr. Jones wasn’t allowed to elaborate about Dick and Perry’s medical report in the trial. Capote continues to gather information on Perry’s past to try to completely comprehend what Perry has gone through. He even makes a visit to Perry’s sister, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him or the rest of their family. Perry’s sister’s

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