In Cold Blood

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In Truman Capote’s non-fiction novel In Cold Blood, the Clutter family’s murderers, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, are exposed like never before. The novel allows the reader to experience an intimate understanding of the murderer’s pasts, thoughts, and feelings. It goes into great detail of Smith and Hickock’s pasts which helps to explain the path of life they were walking leading up to the murder’s, as well as the thought’s that were running through their minds after the killings. Perry Smith was a short man with a large torso. At first glance, “he seemed a more normal-sized man, a powerful man, with the shoulders, the arms, the thick, crouching torso of a weight lifter. [However] when he stood up he was no taller than a twelve-year old…show more content…
For Perry, he thought that “there must have been something wrong with [them], to do what [they] did. There’s got to be something wrong with somebody who’d do a thing like that” (108). Looking back upon the murders, Smith could not comprehend how he could’ve done that to another human. Upon his Las Vegas capture, Perry was questioned and immediately put up his defensive and collective mask for the interrogators, however behind that calm shell was a man who was in turmoil with his conscious for the moral aspects of his decisions in murdering four innocent people. For Dick, it was not necessarily about the morality of his actions, it was the question of if “the two of them [were] honest to God going to get away with doing a thing like that” (110). Hickock’s reaction to the murders was not shock over the fact that he had ended four lives, however it was the simple fear of being caught. Perry Smith and Dick Hickock were two very different men who came together in one the most renowned and talked about murders in American history. Although the men’s motives were the same, the psychological differences that they experienced after the murders were very different. Smith and Hickock were living testaments to the fact that one’s upbringing really does play a part into the person one will someday become. For Perry, his traumatic family experiences, or lack of them, led him to a psychotic malfunction and for

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