In Cold Blood Last to See Them Alive

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The Last to See Them Alive 1.Grain elevators is a part of agriculture, and in the town of Holcomb it is the center of their community. Life revolves farmers and who puts in a sufficient, hard amount of work each day. In ancient Greece, temples were the center of their community. Civilization in Holcomb is orderly and traditional prior to the murders. 2.Capote takes you on a descriptive stroll through Holcomb, Kansas in 1959. Over the course of his description, he includes that agriculture and natural gas are the main sources of incomes in the town. Additionally, the explains their history involving their bank closing in 1933, finally acquired a school, and the fact that all residents are lower and middle class citizens. A…show more content…
Sentences are more simple along with the use of a lot of slang. On page 31 Capote describes Dick’s unproportionate body in a drawn out, run-on sentence. The use of the author’s language reflects the characters. 6.Perry’s physical physique is demonstrated through the use of comparison to a weightlifter and a jockey. Capote explains that the top of his body is sturdy and strong (because he does in fact lift weights). As for his legs, they were skinny and “would have neatly fitted into a delicate lady’s dancing slippers”. Perry is then compared to a retired jockey because he is “overblown and muscle-bound”. 7.Perry’s obsession with sunken treasure and foreign countries exemplifies his social class. His view on America is skewed and he is disconnected with the country. On page 17, the texts tells how he, since childhood, answered advertisements that promoted adventure and peeked his imagination. 8.Introducing the Ashida family allows a potentially different angle of Herb to be viewed. However, Mr. Clutter still shows kindness and acts gentlemanly. It is here we as the audience realize he is a static character. 9.The most significant element of Dick and Perry’s big “score” is the

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