In Cold Blood

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Truman Capote’s non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood, was a breakthrough in literacy in that it was accredited as the first non-fiction novel. There was a lot of controversy when the book was first published because of the incredibility of the work. This could be expected in that time, because people where not familiar with the concept of non-fiction novels yet, but this is where the beauty of this style of writing lies, the recreation of the truth. It would have been impossible for Capote to have documented the occurrence fully, because he only read about the murder after it had happen, after all, this was not what he wanted to do. Capote got a lot of criticism for the book, because of him bending the truth, putting in scenes that never…show more content…
The true art of the non-fiction novel is the missing information that is filled in by the author. Capote does a good job of recreating what had happened before the murders took place. He had a subjective view of Holcomb in the introduction, but he describes it skillfully, trying to bring out the contrast of the quiet small town and the events that were going to take place there. With the extensive research that was done by Capote, he could formulate a good picture of what had happened before the murder. He uses a technique where he splits the story in two, and then moving from one scene with the Clutter family, too the murderers, Dick and Perry and then later between the murderers and the investigating detectives. This allows the reader to constantly be aware of what was taking place and when it had happened. Capote also uses it to create more suspense in the story, leaving you after every scene wanting to know more. Capote used a third person, omniscient point of view in writing the non-fiction novel. This allowed him to convey the thoughts of some of the characters, allowing the reader to be inside the characters mind, experiencing the emotional reality of each scene. This is what makes it a non-fiction novel, the story that was formed by adding little bits of information created by the

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