In Cold Blood

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The book I chose to read and do my book journal on this quarter was In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. I really thought that this book was much longer than it really should have been, although it was still a fairly interesting book. The idea that someone you have never met and never heard about could rob and kill everyone in your house is a rather unnerving notion. In this book there is really only one part that I cannot figure out. Towards the end of the book Al Dewey one of the men responsible for catching Perry Smith and Richard Hickock the two men who were responsible for killing the Clutter family. Well Al had been working very hard on this case devoting almost all of his time to solving it. After they finally caught up with the…show more content…
The more you have shared with someone the easier they are to talk to. This of course depends on the depth of the experience as well as how frequently it occurs. Now as I am not a criminal myself I can really only speculate at how it must feel to commit such crimes but this is my opinion on the matter. If you and a friend were to steal something it would most likely be an exciting experience. It can be compared to having fun with a friend you are still enjoying it either way whether it is right or wrong. The more fun you have with someone the closer you feel to them and the more open you are with that person. The more things there are that you feel can only be shared with that person the more you feel the need to talk to them. I say all this because according to my experiences it has been true with all of the people I have known. Now I don’t know anything about what murder would feel like but I would imagine its one of those things that you wish you could share with someone else yet you know that you cannot. These things bring people together whether those people like it or not. Besides the fact that these two had killed four people together they had also: spent a great deal of time together in prison, committed numerous small crimes together, they understood each other a great deal, and finally they had quite a bit of fun together. Therefore I have come to believe that even though Perry and Dick would have been better off if they had

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